Tutorial 22: Analog Sensors + MCP3008 / MCP3004

There are two types of sensors you can connect to: digital or analog sensors. Unlike the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi does not have the native ability to read analog sensors. We need an analog-digital converter like the MCP3004 or the MCP3008 to convert our analog signals to a digital output our Raspberry Pi can understand.

In this tutorial I show you how to connect a MCP3008 (this tutorial also works for the MCP3004) to your Raspberry Pi. In the following tutorials I will show you how to write a Python 3 script to take readings from the sensors!

This tutorial is a little older (published in 2015!). The main principles are still relevant, so I haven't needed to update this lesson.

  • Why we need to use an analog-digital convertor with our Raspberry Pi
  • How to connect a MCP3004 or MCP3008 to your Raspberry Pi
  • How to build a circuit to read analog devices using the MCP3008
There is no coding in this tutorial!
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